A fast acting joint support product containing the necessary high strength ingredients that help maintain healthy joint function in dogs and cats whilst supporting the natural systems that control inflammation.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Fast acting (4-7 days)
  • Aids & soothes stiff joints
  • Promotes mobility & flexibility
  • Supports joint structure
  • Helps maintain your pet’s quality of life by maintaining optimum joint health


Specifically formulated by vets to support an animal’s natural systems that control inflammation and provide multimodal support for joints, soft tissues and liver function.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Supports the natural systems that control inflammation
  • Aids & soothes joints
  • Promotes healthy liver function
  • Aids pets with high renal parameters
  • Helps support the digestive system


nutraease has been specifically formulated by vets to provide high strength, triple action support for healthy urinary tract function for cats and dogs with the added benefit of reducing stress and anxiety.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Reduces irritation
  • Naturally soothes
  • Aids comfort
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Supports the natural systems that control inflammation


Developed by vets to provide high strength nutritional support for healthy brain function in dogs and cats. It includes the key nutrients for supporting cognitive function in aging pets whilst benefiting younger pets in training and learning.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Promotes healthy brain function
  • Supports cognitive function
  • Aids training and learning
  • High strength Omega-3’s rich in DHA
  • Easy administration


nutradigest helps maintain normal digestive function by containing natural Probiotic Bacteria (Enterococcus faecium) together with a unique extract of Sweet Basil, Prebiotics and Kaolin to soothe the intestinal tract.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Restores normal digestive function
  • Promotes friendly bacteria
  • Replenishes natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Binds toxins
  • Improves stool consistency
  • Reduces flatulence


nutrazyl has been specially formulated by vets to naturally calm anxious pets and to reduce unwanted or unruly behaviour in dogs and cats.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Helps reduce stress
  • Calms behaviour
  • Fast acting (1-2 hrs)
  • High strength
  • For dogs & cats
  • Easy administration


nutracoat provides high strength nutritional support for maintaining healthy skin and a glossy coat by supporting the animal’s natural systems that control inflammation.

Available for dogs & cats

  • Calms sensitive skin & aids comfort
  • Soothes dry, flaky skin
  • Reduces itching and scratching
  • Strengthens brittle nails
  • Aids the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory processes


nutraflora’s powerful natural formula helps to increase the number of beneficial bacteria and repopulate the balance of good bacteria for optimum gut health and immune support to aid recovery.

Available for dogs & cats

  • High strength probiotic to aid recovery
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Fast acting support of gut microflora
  • Aids long-term healthy gut function
  • Supports Vitamin B12 serum levels
  • Boosts appetite & energy levels