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I am an RVN, I have a GSD 8 years of age. I used nutraflex and only 2 weeks in he is loving his walks again, I am amazed and couldn’t recommend this product more, he eats it fine and is fussy with things added to his diet usually!!!

Thank you nutravet

Excellent highly effective products with great customer service. Highly recommended.

Being a Registered Veterinary nurse I’m aware of how important it is choosing the best supplements and by choosing nutracam for my cat I know that I’m providing him with the best natural support for his health issues. The fact that my cats clinical symptoms (vomitting) have reduced since I started nutracam says it ALL. Thank you.

A very good company delivery quality products at affordable prices. Customer service is always very helpful and friendly. We have only had good experiences when ordering from nutravet.

Hello! Vet Nurse here – Just wanted to let you guys know I put my cat on nutrazyl after he went missing for four days and was very skittish and nervous when he came back. The effect has been excellent, within a day he was relaxed and happy and even let guests to the house pet him, which he usually doesn’t do. Here he is being silly on his favourite bed – a paper bag of course!

We have had excellent results with nutrazyl and its the best of its kind on the market!

nutraflex is a brilliant product that we highly recommend!

nutraflex has become our go-to joint supplement. We’ve had some amazing results with it including Harriet – our first nutraflex girl who had her first proper walk in 18 months. Nearly every single client we have given it to has reported a significant benefit in their pet’s. We love it!”

nutravet is a company you can trust.  Our clients come back for nutraflex and ask for it by name. It is competitively-priced with convenience to dispense boxes and blister packs. The sprinkle formulation of nutraflex makes it easy to administer and so improves pet and client compliance. We have always had outstanding support from nutravet with personalised staff training and excellent support materials which are also eco-friendly.

From a clinical point of view I have become convinced that nutravet have a range of products of real benefit to our small animal patients. I was looking for was a quality product at a competitive price in what is a very crowded veterinary market. I have experienced that the range of nutravet products perform well and do what one would expect them to do, and I am confident to support and explain to clients that unlike some other products what is claimed on the label in terms of active ingredient is consistently delivered by nutravet products. What I found with nutravet is a good range of products at really competitive prices.

nutravet is a progressive, innovative company aspiring for quality, effectiveness and customer care. 
We have experienced effective results with their range. Each product is competitively priced in order for us to pass these savings onto clients. I like their simple recycled packaging and easy administration regimes along with excellent supportive materials for clients means compliance is high. All products are supported by a friendly supportive team who are happy to assist with any technical issue. I am happy to endorse nutravet and excited to be part of their success.

Many thanks to nutravet for introducing nutraflex. We are extremely impressed with nutraflex. The quality and purity of the ingredients have resulted in animals responding much more quickly than other products we have used in the past. We are happy to recommend nutraflex. We have also noticed good client compliance and a very high percentage of repeat customers due to clients seeing tangible improvements when using this product. We highly recommend nutraflex.

My own dog Holly who is 13.5 years old has been stiffening up for a couple of years and showed some improvement initially with Synoquin and Seraquin but then went back to plodding slowly again. However, two weeks after starting with nutraflex she was trotting down the farm tracks again and now she is on her second box, she is bounding across fields again really happily – It has taken years off her!  I’m really happy with the product”

We started prescribing nutraflex over a year ago. We changed from competitor products due to the cost-effectiveness, ‘green’ packaging, efficacy of the supporting research material, and the ethical basis of the company. ALL our patients who regularly take nutraflex noticeably benefit from the product, and clients have all been impressed with the improvements seen in their pets. We would thoroughly recommend both the company, nutravet, and their products, nutraflex.


Just wanted to share how fantastic your nutraflex is. I trialled it on my 6yr old who I knew was creaking when he got up but didn’t realise quite to what extent. We’re only onto the second box and already he’s like a different dog! It’s like he’s a puppy again, he’s playing with his brother (and strange dogs he meets on walks which is unheard of!), playing ball more enthusiastically and just seems a whole lot happier in himself. I will definitely be recommending this to all our clients! 

I recently recommended nutracoat to a client’s Labrador. The dog had been on varying type products for months but had been unable to stop them completely. However within 2 weeks of starting nutramega the owner was delighted to be able to completely wean the dog off the other products and noticed a big improvement in the condition of the dog’s coat

I have been recommending the use of nutraflex to my clients for the past twelve months. The quality and purity of these products is an improvement over other similar products on the market. Feedback from clients using nutraflex to support their pet’s joint health seems to indicate that the response rate is quicker than when similar products have been used in the past. As an experienced veterinary surgeon I have been very impressed with the performance of nutraflex when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The company have a responsible attitude towards the environment and use recycled packaging materials wherever possible.”

Having had little success with other glucosamine products in the past, I was keen to try this unique product on a variety of patients. Since the introduction to nutraflex we have prescribed it to a number of patients, for hips, elbows and stifles and had 60% of patients showing an improvement. I have not seen any adverse reactions and clients seem to find it easy to administer to their pets, including cat owners.  I’m very happy to use and recommend nutraflex.

We had a good anecdote from a very sceptical conventional colleague. After being “encouraged” to try nutraflex for her stiffening ageing dog, by one of our receptionists who has seen excellent results with her own dog. A little while later she noticed how much better her dog was. nutravet now has another fan in the practice. Keep up the good work.